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Can Others Hear You...In Your

"Private" Guitar Lessons?

Ever thought about just how "private" your private lessons really are?

Doesn’t it feel strange when you’re waiting for your guitar lesson, and you hear the person in the lesson before yours, playing their heart out in their “private” guitar lesson? Or maybe you can hear someone who is with another teacher altogether as you’re sitting there. It doesn’t matter if they play well or not; you know they’re probably assuming that their private lesson is, well…not audible to others. It’s impossible then to not think about who can hear you, when you’re in a lesson…which can really be an unwelcome distraction, especially for newer players.

It can be hard to put in the “grunt” work that’s necessary to grow as a player, if you can’t escape the knowledge that your “grunt work” playing is as exposed as it would be in a performance. Practice time and other learning situations, including lesson time, are times when the student needs to feel comfortable making mistakes—and they should feel “allowed” to make mistakes in practice sessions and in lessons. For most people, the idea of sitting there making mistakes with your playing as you try to get better at it, all while random people can hear you, is just a non-starter.

But you do have other options. In-person lessons with Stephen at Stephen’s Guitar Lessons are designed with several things in mind: the best instruction, delivered in the best learning environment, at competitive rates. That “best learning environment” pledge includes many things that create a very private and secure learning environment—and parents, you can feel fully confident: lessons at Stephen’s Guitar Lessons are also designed to be safe and fully monitorable, with audio/video recordings of the lessons and also a discrete, real-time video feed available!

Seasoned players and beginners alike will appreciate the other privacy-related amenities I offer, like: private, semi-secluded (and off-street) parking, right next to the studio entrance; I schedule a reasonable “bumper” of time in between lessons, so that in-person students have enough time to get packed up and out the door, and then into their vehicle and down the driveway, before the next student would be arriving; the ability to opt out of being utilized in marketing materials that I could or do have in use (some places will NOT let give you that option).

And of course, for the ultimate in private guitar lessons, try online lessons with Stephen’s Guitar Lessons: I utilize a completely private platform to connect with students (I have a couple of options to choose from, and all are very private and secure); I connect through a substantial internet connection (I regularly test in the neighborhood of 900Mbps, for both uploads and downloads), directly via a high-speed Ethernet cable—not via Wi-Fi, which can result in signal interruption and/or loss; and I’ve gone to great lengths to be able to provide an aural experience for the student that is second to none when it comes to online guitar lessons (my voice and guitar are each tastefully processed so that they’re clear and articulated, and they’re both at an appropriate signal level).

So whether you want to learn in person or via the web, if teaching/playing/performing experience is what you’re after in an instructor—then Stephen’s Guitar Lessons is a top choice. If you’re looking for a guitar teacher to customize your instruction rather than try to stuff you into whatever mold the instructor feels most comfortable with, then Stephen’s Guitar Lessons is your best bet. If you’re looking for a truly private guitar lessons environment—and yet one that is also safe and secure, and verifiably so—then you owe it to yourself to try Stephen’s Guitar Lessons. If you’re looking for a totally free introductory guitar lesson, so you can make up your mind about the teacher first, and you want it to be a real lesson (just like paid one) instead of a sales pitch to get you to purchase some actual lessons, then Stephen’s Guitar Lessons is a standout choice (possibly the best in town!).

And on top of all of that—if you’re also interested in a “VIP” lessons experience, where you’re treated respectfully and truly taken care of, and supported on your musical journey (not to mention that you get access to some of the finest guitar instruction in metro Atlanta), then there really is only one place to go: Stephen’s Guitar Lessons!

Give me a call (or send me a text) at VIP-PLAY-GTR (847-752-9487), or contact me through the website to set up your FREE intro lesson today!

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